The CPET measures the function of your heart and lungs in response to exercise through a non-invasive stress test. By assessing your ability on a bike or aerobic pedal exerciser while you wear a mouthpiece or mask, the test measures the amount of oxygen your body uses, the amount of carbon dioxide it produces, and your breathing pattern. The test will gradually become more difficult, while documenting and observing how well your body deals with these factors in times of stress. The CPET also measures how well the heart, muscles, and lungs work individually, as well as how they work together. The test is determined by how much you are able to do. The more you can do, the more information is recorded. However, if you get too tired or fulfill certain criteria, the test may be stopped.

The CPET is typically used to train athletes or to diagnose certain conditions. The test accurately reflects one’s fitness level and provides a basis for fitness programs and to monitor progress. However, diseases that impact the heart, lungs, circulation, or blood will result in an abnormal exercise attempt. This type of testing is useful in determining what causes the shortness of breath that otherwise could not be evaluated. It can also monitor changes in health conditions and how certain medications affect your body.

Heart and lung conditions can cause shortness of breath and other discomfort while exercising, and the CPET is the only test that can determine precisely what is causing these issues. Some of the conditions that can be detected or monitored by this test are the following: heart failure, heart disease, cardiac valve dysfunction, chronotropic incompetence, and more. So, whether you are an athlete or not, it is important for you to take part in this test, even if you appear to be fit and healthy. The CPET can uncover certain health issues that you may never have realized without undergoing the test.

The CPET is a test that’s important for all ages and health statuses. If interested in taking this test, please contact our office today to make an appointment 337-706-8986

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