ground breaking

On Thursday, January 5th, the Moore Healthcare Group team got out of our usual scrubs to get fancy for the Ground Breaking Ceremony of our new facility!

We are so blessed to share this huge milestone with our family and friends, and we are excited to move into the new facility by the end of Summer 2017.

ground breaking3

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ground breaking2

Our new facility will see an increase in size– totaling to almost 7000sq. ft.! The stand-alone building is conveniently located on the corner of the J. Wallace James Elementary School off University and I-10. This means more room for upgrades, and also the ability to enhance the comfort of each of our patients’ visits.

An exterior feature we are excited about is a pond located at the back of the building which promotes serenity. So if you’re waiting at our office while your loved is at at their appointment, you can walk around and enjoy our pond!

ground breaking10

If you missed out on the live stream of the Ground Breaking Ceremony, click here to watch the video!


The new location is located on 307 Alcide Dominique Rd, off of I-10 and University near J. W. James Elementary and Cracker Barrel in North Lafayette.


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