November 14th is World Diabetes Day headed by the International Diabetes Federation. This day was created to respond to the growing global concern of health issues caused by diabetes.


The theme for World Diabetes Day 2016 is “Eyes on Diabetes”. Essentially, the message health professionals are trying to convey is the importance of screening and detection. Screening for Type 2 diabetes is vital to altering its course and reducing complications. Screening in general for complications is crucial to proper management of all forms of diabetes.


According to the International Diabetes Federation, 2015 saw over 400 million adults afflicted with diabetes, 5 million annual deaths, and over $670 billion in healthcare costs. Moore Healthcare Group is dedicated to joining the fight for prevention and decreasing all three of these statistics.


What can you do to help? Get screened or ask a loved one to get screened for diabetes during the month of November! Help the International Diabetes Federation reach over 1 million screenings for November! By engaging in this crucially important, yet simple preventative step, you can help fight the crippling effects diabetes can have in our families and in our community.



To schedule a screening or for questions about diabetes testing, call our office at (337) 706-8986.


For more information on Diabetes, World Diabetes Day, and Diabetes prevention, check out these resources:

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